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Friday, 5 September 2008

Belida (Chitala Chitala)

Belida ( Chitala Chitala )

Belida fish (chitala chitala ) is a species of fish that can live in quiet river and lakes. It can be found in India, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei and Sumatera. The main interest is belida fish as ornamental fish. Belida fish is no scales, no matter if there are few. Many bones and two branches. Belida typically sized fish between 1-5 kg and can grow up to a dozen kilos. 

Belida not in a hurry fish for commercial purposes by the fishermen, because the taste of fresh meat and there are many fine sines and branching. These fish are active at night and loves jumping and flipping their tails.

How To Fish:

Belida fish easily in a hurry to use live bait such as small fish and shrimp. This fish is easy in effect when they arise on the surface of the water slowly and then was followed two bubbles rise to the surface of seeds.

Set the appropriate hook for this species is moderately light as 6-12lb rod, spinning reel from size 1000-3000 and mono strength 10-20lb. A technique often used to hunt these species with basic fishing techniques baited with fish fry over 1 meter leader and sinker life. Often teh fish will swallow the bait to the fish's belly and miss percentage is low.

The hook can also use diving lures in the technique of "casting". Lures such as Rapala Rattlin, Rapala Deep Runner, Rapala Tail Dancer and other natural colored lures such as silver and grey are best.

Belida ( Chitala Chitala ) on lures

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